It has now been over 7 Years since I’d published my memoir. My intention for publication is to tell my story up to that point in my own words. I also wanted to use my life’s journeys as an example to the next generation to see that there is hope for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming. We don’t have to be victimized by the pitfalls that society has placed upon us. My desire is also to encourage the youth to fight for Equity, Justice, Equality, Human and Civil Rights Protections, in order to make the pathway a little more smoother for those to follow. I am currently and excited about my two new literary projects that are in the works. One is my creative outlet Fiction about vampires and the other a a Non-Fiction journey about resilience in the age of CoVid 19 Pandemic.

TRANSITIONS IS Available for purchase on amazon.com
or email me at juxtaposedcenter@bellsouth.net for an autographed copy.