My head is bowed in gratitude for the opportunity to have been able to express my frustrations about the brutality, injustices and systemic discrimination that Trans and black people have faced on a daily bases. It’s unfortunate that my community hasn’t really shown up for Black Trans people whom according to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Report,” Trans people, specifically Black Trans women have been murdered at a rate of almost one per week, beginning the first two months of 2017. Unfortunate, those numbers still continue to climb with up to 30 at last count.

Since the current White House Occupant refuses to take responsibility for the hundreds of thousand Americans whom have and will die from Co-Vid 19, I don’t expect for him to take any responsibility for the increased violence against Trans and Gender Non-Conforming, due to his dangerous Rhetoric.

In addition to this Administration has banning Trans people from the military, they’ve encouraged doctors to not treat us when we’re ill and continuously attempt to deny our community access to restrooms that correspond with our gender identity.

Thusly, why it’s so important for us all to get registered and vote early.

It’s clear that our power lies within our votes, or they wouldn’t be so desperately disenfranchising us by limiting access to expressing our birthright at the polls.

Election 2020 is literally a matter of life and death. Vote, Vote, Vote like our lives depended upon it.