YELLOW ROSE/NIKKI T. RANDALL SERVANT LEADERSHIP AWARD RECIPIENT March 10, 2020 8a.m. Georgia Railroad Freight Depot In the Blue Room

So, recently I was told by a very smart person that in order to have an effective website. I have to be more open about sharing who I am. In addition to requiring interesting content, I must also tell personal stories about myself. Being a very private person has prevented me from sharing more intimate and personal details about myself. However, I am more open to letting my guard down in certain areas a little more and become more comfortable with talking about who I am and my life accomplishments. When I’d first began really showing up and advocating for equality for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming people, I didn’t expected to be awarded for my service to community. With that being said, I am however really thankful that my work to illuminate our humanity is being acknowledged by other community leadership. It is my distinct honor to accept the YELLOW ROSE/NIKKI T. RANDALL SERVANT LEADERSHIP AWARD. I’m dedicating this prestigious honor to my family. I am truly blessed to have the support of my mother and spouse whom loves and supports me unconditionally, which are the wings beneath my wings.
I’m also dedicating my award to the marginalized, stigmatized and those whom often feel voiceless. TUMFGU…

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